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Save Ghaggar River Foundation is a dedicated organization founded by Tapasya Sharma & Ajay Joshi All residents of Panchkula city in Haryana, with the noble vision of preserving and protecting the pristine beauty of the Ghaggar River. Recognizing the urgent need to counter the pollution caused by human activities, Tapasya Sharma and Ajay Joshi took it upon themselves to spearhead a movement that would restore the river’s ecological balance Ajay Joshi started daily cleaning drives with the help of Arjun Kumar & his team . Then megha bansal joined to help in social media operations.

The Ghaggar River flows through Panchkula, adjacent to the picturesque Shivalik foothills, enhancing the natural splendor of our city. However, the unfortunate reality is that the banks of the Ghaggar River have been marred by the careless disposal of trash, ritual items, and other waste materials, which have gravely affected its enchanting allure. Visitors crossing the bridge have made it a practice to indiscriminately discard their garbage into the river, leading to a visually displeasing scene.

Why Should We Save River Ghaggar?

Saving River Ghaggar is not a choice; it is a moral obligation resting upon humanity to rectify the imbalances we’ve caused in nature. The significance of preserving this lifeline cannot be overstated. It sustains life, nurtures biodiversity, and safeguards our cultural heritage. River Ghaggar replenishes groundwater, mitigates climate impact, and supports sustainable development. As a responsible community, we must act now to protect this invaluable resource for the well-being of future generations. Join us in this essential endeavor, as together, we can make a profound impact and secure a greener, cleaner, and more sustainable future.
Preservation for Future Generations

Ghaggar River holds a special place as the only river in the tri-city region. By taking action to save River Ghaggar today, we ensure that our children and their children will have the privilege of witnessing the beauty and benefits of a river right in their own neighborhood. It is our duty to leave behind a legacy of natural wonders for the generations to come.

Biodiversity Conservation
Biodiversity Conservation

Rivers are teeming with diverse aquatic species, forming a delicate ecosystem. However, the pollution of River Ghaggar threatens the survival of numerous species that call it home. By safeguarding the river, we protect the intricate web of life that depends on it and maintain the balance of the ecosystem.

Climate Regulation

Rivers play a crucial role in regulating the climate of the regions they flow through. The presence of River Ghaggar helps in moderating humidity, temperature, and precipitation patterns, contributing to a more stable and favorable local climate. Protecting the river safeguards this vital climate-regulating function.

Historical Relevance

River Ghaggar carries deep historical significance, being recognized as a tributary of the Satluj River in pre-Harappan times. This rich history makes it all the more imperative for us to take responsibility for its preservation. Saving River Ghaggar is an acknowledgment of our cultural heritage and a tribute to a river that has flowed for over 5000 years.

Groundwater Recharge

One of the essential services that flowing rivers provide is recharging groundwater reserves. As River Ghaggar continues to flow, it replenishes the groundwater levels in the area. In a time where groundwater depletion is already a growing concern, a healthy and flowing river is paramount to maintain sustainable water resources.

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Let’s take action together for the preservation of River Ghaggar!

At Save Ghaggar River Foundation, we believe that the collective efforts of individuals and communities can make a substantial impact on preserving this invaluable natural resource. Our initiatives aim to raise awareness, conduct regular cleaning drives, and collaborate with stakeholders to mitigate pollution and restore the ecological health of River Ghaggar.

We invite you to join our cause and actively participate in the mission to save River Ghaggar. By volunteering with us, supporting our initiatives, and spreading the word, you can contribute to the betterment of the environment and secure a sustainable future for the coming generations.

Together, let us stand as guardians of River Ghaggar, ensuring that its waters flow pure and pristine, nurturing life and enriching the region’s natural and cultural heritage.

How to Save River Ghaggar

Stop Littering: Preserve River Ghaggar's Pristine Beauty

Help us protect the natural splendor of River Ghaggar by refraining from littering. Utilize the available dustbins and daily home garbage collection services to dispose of your waste responsibly. During religious ceremonies, kindly bring back the polythene bags or cartons used for havan or puja samagri, and avoid leaving coconut coir on the riverbank.

No Parking On The Bridge: Ensuring Uninterrupted Flow

For smooth traffic flow and to prevent littering, we request you not to stop your vehicles on the bridge and refrain from throwing anything into the river. Use the designated areas, at a safe distance from the riverbank, for immersing samagri during religious rituals. If possible, consider alternative methods of disposing of offerings to minimize environmental impact.

Avoid Throwing Construction Debris: Keeping the River Clear
Avoid Throwing Construction Debris: Keeping the River Clear

It is vital to maintain the purity of River Ghaggar by not discarding any construction or building waste into the water or along its banks. Properly manage and dispose of such debris through appropriate channels to safeguard the river’s ecosystem.

Industrial Waste
Industrial Waste Avoid Polluting: Promote Responsible Industrial Practices

If you operate an industrial setup or live near an industry, ensure that it adheres to eco-friendly practices and does not release waste materials into River Ghaggar. Collaborate with local authorities to monitor and address any potential sources of pollution.

Avoid Throwing Ritual Cloths/God Statues or Frame Photos In Ghaggar River: Preserve the Sacred Environment

Respect the sanctity of River Ghaggar by refraining from throwing ritual cloths, god statues, or frame photos into the water. To protect aquatic life, immerse gods and goddess idols made solely from clay or biodegradable materials. Avoid immersing pictures or idols that will persist in the river for an extended period.

Spread The Awareness: Advocating for Change

Become an ambassador for River Ghaggar’s conservation by raising awareness among individuals and communities. If you witness others littering, kindly educate them about the harmful effects of such actions on the river’s health and the environment.

Promote Hygiene: A Clean River is Everyone's Responsibility

Educate individuals, especially those who defecate on the riverbank during early morning hours, about the importance of maintaining hygiene and using proper sanitation facilities. Together, we can foster a sense of responsibility towards protecting the pristine state of River Ghaggar.

Together, let's protect River Ghaggar - a symbol of purity, tranquility, and reverence.

At Save River Ghaggar Foundation, we strive to create a harmonious coexistence between humans and nature. By adhering to these responsible practices, we ensure that River Ghaggar remains an untouched sanctuary of natural beauty, supporting biodiversity, and preserving its sacred value for generations to come.

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Join us in our endeavor to safeguard River Ghaggar for a greener and healthier environment!

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